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Now that is a pretty pattern Arleen!
Do you have the matching saucer?
I am not strick in life but... I do HAVE to HAVE the matching plate or I will not buy it.
You might ask why - well its because when I have afternoon tea with the full cakes, sandwiches etc I like to have the right plate that matches the cup and saucer. I have a mix of patterns but ... for some strange reason I have to have the 3 matching!
I know - "nuts" but there you are!


What a sweet tea cup...and how beautiful with the lemon and flower in the tea.

Celestina Marie

Hi Arleen, I love tea and it is very special to add a sweet flower from time to time. Recently a dear friend made us some cupcakes for Easter and she used lavender icing and topped each with a puple pansy. It was beautiful.

I love your tea cup and the pattern is very pretty and delicate.
Tea always tastes better in a pretty tea cup.

Have a beautiful evening my friend,
Hugs, Celestina Marie


Hi Arleen, your tea cups are all so gorgeous. Have enjoyed my visit and looking at all your pretties.


What a beautiful blog! I am a tea granny at heart and enjoyed viewing your gorgeous pictures! ~Stacy~

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